For Advisors

Join our team at Cirrus Wealth Management.

At Cirrus, we are actively looking for advisors ranging from industry veterans to those building their practice to join our team. Our advisor partners have access to support and resources to grow their practice and serve their clients at the highest level.

Established Advisors

It’s important to have a succession plan in place. We work with philosophically aligned advisory firms to create a pathway to retirement, without losing control of their practice. Designing a flexible path to retirement allows advisors to have clarity on their future plans and determine when and how they want to retire.


We work under a hybrid model with both fee and commission-based clients. We’re not a transactional based firm, but a holistic advisory acting in the best interest of our clients and their businesses, which goes for the advisors we partner with as well.


As advisors, we understand the business and how to design a plan around the desires and needs of other firms and their clients. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every advisory. We will work with advisors to create a succession plan that works for each practice and their clients.


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Growing Advisors

We are looking for dedicated new advisors that are interested in building their practice. We provide the opportunity to learn from established advisors and offer the back office support that is often needed to grow a practice.

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