Yahoo! Finance: Market update with Joe Heider

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During a volatility-filled month, I appeared live on Yahoo! Finance “Midday Movers” on October 10, the third largest one-day point drop for the Dow in history. During the segment I spoke with hosts Seana Smith and Dion Rabouin about the dip in the market and what it means for investors.

I don’t think this market volatility should be a cause of concern for investors. We’re in an environment where we have historically low unemployment numbers, great corporate growth earnings, and a tax cut. People believed that interest rates could stay at decades low rates and the economy and markets could rise uninterrupted. But, this simply won’t last and investors shouldn’t be afraid when volatility occurs. There’s always worry in the market, but investors should stay the course during times of market volatility.

Watch the full segment below!

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