Media Spotlight: How Do I Know When I Need an Advisor?

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Woman-Viewing-DocumentsRecently, I was included in an article in Time’s Money magazine, “This is when (and why) you need a financial advisor,” to respond to a reader question: How do I know when I need a financial advisor? There isn’t one measure to indicate when someone should start working with a financial advisor. But, as individuals accrue more wealth and have increasingly complex assets, they should consider consulting with an advisor to streamline their financial life.

A financial planner helps to create a plan to assure there aren’t areas of overlap or any gaps in investments and create a global strategy across accounts. He or she will also provide a well-rounded picture of tax liabilities to anticipate now and in the future, as your income level changes.

It’s important to work with an advisor you trust who can navigate the market. As humans, it’s our natural tendency to react to the most immediate past experience, people tend to panic when the market dips and emotional impulses may drive the wrong decisions at the wrong time. A professional who sees these moves everyday can warn against making gut-impulse moves that deviate from the strategy and negatively impact investments and financial plans.

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