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In order to enjoy retirement, one that is debt and worry free, it’s important to make clear financial planning objectives to increase quality of life during those golden years.

Building assets early on is essential to creating a comfortable cushion, it will make all the difference during retirement. Saving early benefits investors over time as assets compound and in turn, produce a robust nest egg for the future.

However, saving is just the first step. It’s also key to know how much to save in order to determine a budget for expenses in retirement. Take stock of expenses that will either be eliminated or added to live the lifestyle desired. Be sure to keep any luxurious items in minds such as additional travel expenses!

Having a solid understanding of retirement resources is key to maximizing benefits to secure an ideal retirement. Look at all available resources, starting with Social Security, and calculate any shortfalls between benefits and what is needed on an annual basis. Analyze how much is in each investment account and create a strategic plan for how much should come out of each for income. If assets fall short, reexamine that budget or perhaps consider working part-time in retirement to supplement income. With early planning and an understanding of all that goes into a successful retirement plan, savers have a better chance of achieving a secure retirement.

While there are many online resources and calculators that can aid in planning, working with a trusted advisor who understands the process and retirement expectations can help create a more realistic financial plan that fits individual needs and circumstances to achieve a stable retirement.

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